Boxing Sparring Gloves – Black/Gold

  • Size: 4oz to 20oz
  • Deluxe quality, durability and long life cycle
  • Perfect fit and feel that elevates your fighting game
  • Temperature and moisture management properties
  • Attached thumb for additional safety and security
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Pakistan

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Our sparring gloves are designed to get the most out of your session without the fear and risk of injury. The shape of our custom sparring gloves facilitates the execution of grappling techniques while ensuring effective wrist support and hand stability.

Boxing Shop USA offers premium quality MMA sparring gear with sweat evacuation properties for more comfort during the fight. Moreover, the high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship dissipate strike energy Anatomically designed mold that fits your hand perfectly as if it was made exclusively for that.

Our MMA sparring gloves help you get into the mind of a prize fighter! They offer safety and support to the hand, wrist, and metacarpals as well as additional padding to absorb impacts. The optimal security and a hassle-free fit will amplify your fighting potential and make you stand out in the group. The increased breathability and temperature control will make the sparring session more comfortable for you enabling you to take your performance up a notch!

Our premium sparring boxing gloves come in two color variants i.e. black or gold. Black ones are for those fighters who like to keep things classy whereas gold sparring gloves are usually preferred by those who like glitz and glam. You can choose one that strikes your fancy as both variants are high quality, durable and long-lasting.

Owing to their longer lifespan, advanced design and aesthetic feel our gloves are considered as the best boxing sparring gloves among both professionals and novices for training or professional competitions.



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