Boxing Gloves

It does not matter whether are a professional boxer, aiming to become one or pursuing it as a hobby. All you need to make your dream come true is these incredible boxing gloves at Fight Gear Custom. As soon as you slip your hands into these gloves, you will instantly realize that they were made for you.


Various Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are categorized into various types on the basis of their use and purpose. Training gloves are used mostly in the gym for training with mitts, heavy bags, and partner drills. They are heavily padded for maximum protection and to provide training support to the fighter. Bag gloves are specifically made for heavy bag training and are less padded than training gloves for better punching speed.

Sparring gloves are the heaviest of all since the risk of injury is higher during sparring. Hence, they provide more shock absorption. At most places, they are required to be 16 oz or heavier, but 14 oz works for boxers who fall in the lighter weight categories. Competition gloves are made for professional matches and are lighter than training gloves for maximum speed and efficiency in the ring. Their weight ranges from 6 to 10 oz and they are not as heavily cushioned.


The Benefits of Weighted Boxing Gloves

With weighted boxing gloves, there is an additional two to three pounds of weight added on the back of your hand. The added weight helps you overcome greater resistance and build strength and stamina. With time, the body learns to adapt to the weight, aiding your hands in moving quicker and with more impact while wearing regular training gloves.

Weighted gloves, however, should not be used for training purposes as they are not equipped to protect your hands from any injuries. They can be worn during cardio workouts and shadow boxing for the best outcomes.

Professional Boxing Gloves That Will Make You Win

Our professional boxing gloves are particularly built to help you win the game with their ergonomic design. They are made according to international standards and provide you with the ultimate protection during the game.

These boxing professional gloves are lighter in weight than non-competition gloves with firmer padding and come with a lace-up closure system. They are not so heavy so you can punch faster when you are in the ring without the weight of the gloves restricting you.

Cool Boxing Gloves for an Impactful Fight

Get these cool boxing gloves to make an impact when you train or fight when wearing them. We have a huge collection of boxing gloves consisting of the coolest designs so you can flaunt them. You can check it out on our online store and choose your favorite ones to add to your cart. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these boxing professional gloves immediately and level up your fighting game!


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