Double End Bags

These types of bags are called double end bags because they are tied at both ends. One end is tied to the floor and the other to the ceiling. These bags at Fight Gear Custom are an effective means for training because their horizontal motion imitates the movement of the opponent. This is why they help the boxers to throw their punches accordingly while keeping pace with it.

Double End Bags vs. Heavy Bags

Heavy bags are more commonly used for boxing training as compared to double end bags. However, training with heavy bags can often lead a fighter to be slow in an actual competition. In order to get over this flaw prior to a professional competition, double end bags make a great tool.

The back-and-forth movement of the double end bag is similar to that of a fighting opponent which helps the boxer position their punches swiftly. It also trains the boxer to be smart and quick enough with their strikes to tackle the opponent efficiently in a fight. This helps them improve their striking accuracy as well.  


Develop Your Punching Skill with These Custom Double End Bags

Punching speed and power are great but of only good with the right punching skills. You can develop your quickness and power through other punching bags, but the skill will come with these custom double end bags. It allows you to make full use of your vision and helps you train your reflexes for professional competitions.

It is hard to beat someone who is sound in their head movement as a fighter. These double end bags are a great means for working on your head movement so you become the unbeatable champion that you are. Along with that, it will also help you enhance your punching precision and hand-to-eye coordination.

Defend Well with Our Wholesale Double End Bags

One of the unique features of these double end bags is that they rebound instantly after you hit them. So if are not quick enough while training with these wholesale double end bags, they are quite likely to end up hitting you right in your face. You have to be really proactive with these bags.

This is how these bags help you build your defense techniques and sharpen your reflexes to avoid getting hit by the opponent. Moreover, when your punches miss their target often due to the quick movement of these bags, you will learn to be more aware and active so your punches land where they are meant to be.

Durable Bulk Double End Bags

Our bulk double end bags are made of the toughest and sturdiest materials so they do not tear apart that easily. They are able to take unlimited punches and strikes without ripping. So you can punch these bags as hard as you can but make sure you don’t end up getting hit right in the face. Shop these double end bags in bulk quantities from Fight Gear Custom website and let your clients at the gym enjoy an incredible training session.


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