Focus Mitts

Focus mitts are key training equipment as they help boxers and other combat sports practitioners work on several elements such as speed, accuracy, footwork, and punching technique. The focus mitts consist of a padded target surface that is attached to a glove. 

Focus Pads With A Comfortable Grip

It can be harmful to the trainers to bear so much impact of constant punching and striking. The small, movable bones and joints present in the hands and wrists can get fractured or displaced. However, with Fight Gear Custom focus pads, the risk is a lot lesser now. Our focus mitts are equipped not just with a sufficient amount of cushioning but also with additional support to the wrists.

Our focus pads have got a comfortable and secure grip that does not let you get tired easily. So now you can train even for longer periods of time without having to worry about damaging your hands and wrists. The cushioning in these focus mitts offers high impact resistance so it distributes the shock evenly on the surface without hurting you.  



Best Focus Mitts Near Me

If you have been on the lookout for a high-quality pair of focus mitts near me, we have got you covered. Our focus mitts are designed ergonomically to maximize your trainees’ performance without wearing you out. The comfortable grip lets you hold the mitts, endure high-impact strikes, and does not hurt your joints.

These focus pads allow the trainees to punch as fast as they can and get better at their game with no worries. Endure the long training hours comfortably while wearing these mitts with the extra wrist support that keeps the joints firm and aligned in their place.   

Durable Bulk Focus Pads

Our focus pads are built to last for a long span of time. They are made of high-resistant, compact materials that ensure your safety while you train. These focus mitts can bear a lot of training abuse and heavy punches and strikes so you can train the fighters to the best of your abilities.

We can provide bulk focus pads as well to the resellers and distributors. Even if you are running a gym or fight training center, you can get top-quality focus mitts in bulk quantities here. So head to our online store to place your orders.

Wholesale Focus Pads for an Elevated Performance

The main purpose of focus pads is to help the fighters improve their shortcomings to get better at their game. These focus pads are an ideal choice to train with if you are looking to work on improving your footwork, hand-to-eye coordination, stamina, striking technique, speed, and precision.

These punch mitts are made to elevate the performance of fighters in the game while providing you a secure grip and keeping you safe from injuries and impairments. Witness the performance of your trainees going up the notch with the help of these focus mitts.


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