Kick Pads and Thai Pads

Kick pads and thai pads are cushioned target surfaces used for the purpose of training by muay Thai and kickboxing practitioners. They are worn by coaches so the fighters strike and kick them to practice for their game. These kick pads at Fight Gear Custom will be your ideal training companions while you move ahead in your fighting journey.

MMA Shin Pads for the Ultimate Fight Safety

While training and fighting, safety has to be the foremost concern of a fighter because an injury might signify a huge gap or even the end of their career. Since contact sports like muay Thai, mixed martial arts, and kickboxing involve a lot of striking and kicking, these MMA shin pads are to be worn in order to protect the lower extremities from any fracture, impairment, or bruises.

Our MMA shin pads offer you the ultimate safety during the fight with their high-density foam padding that is made to efficiently absorb the impact of any shocks that come your way. This phenomenon of shock absorption does not let your bones and tissues get hurt by the hard kicks and strikes.   


Shin Pads Muay Thai for an Elevated Performance

These shin pads muay Thai at Fight Gear Custom are particularly built to elevate your performance in the game. When you wear them for your training or competitions, you will be able to eliminate the fears and deliver your best to defeat your opponent at any cost.

Moreover, the ergonomic design of these shin pads MMA offers a tailored fit that provides maximum protection along with flexibility for optimal performance. These shin pads MMA have the most accurate fit that is neither very loose nor too tight on your legs. So they do not keep slipping when you are training with them.

Muay Thai Leg Pads with Maximum Mobility

Our muay thai leg pads are made keeping in consideration the comfort of the combatant when they are training or competing. If they are not comfortable in either of the two scenarios, they are most likely to lose focus and their game. This is why our leg pads are sturdy yet flexible so they do not hinder your mobility in the middle of a fight and cause discomfort.

Looking for the Best Boxing Pads Near Me?

If you have reached here after being on the lookout for the best boxing pads near me, this place is definitely the perfect one for you. We have got all kinds of durable boxing pads ranging from kick pads and thai pads to MMA shin pads and muay Thai leg pads in amazing quality. Take a look at our boxing pad collection to get your hands on the best ones out there.


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