Elbow Pads

Elbow pads are often not rendered much importance in combat sports, but they are a key component of protective gear, especially in muay Thai and mixed martial arts. Both of these sports involve elbow striking which can end up hurting the opponent if done without taking necessary precautionary measures.


Thai Boxing Elbow Pads with Guaranteed Safety

These Thai boxing elbow pads at Fight Gear Custom are designed to protect both fighters from any injuries. Since elbow strikes can hit the opponent really hard and can be really damaging, so the cushioning in these pads somewhat minimize their impact and reduces the risk of injury.

Along with that, our Thai boxing elbow pads can be used by other combat sports practitioners as well such as kickboxing, taekwondo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and karate to avoid friction between arms and mats and prevent bruises, lacerations, and cuts on the arms due to falling or in case of a previous injury.


Securely Fitting Elbow Pads Thai Boxing

For you to be able to focus entirely on the fight, you should not be worrying about a hundred other things here and there when you are standing in front of your opponent. This is why we have created these elbow pads Thai boxing to fit your elbows in a comfortable and secure fashion.

If the elbow pads keep moving up and down along your arms, you won’t be able to pay full attention because you will be constantly bothered about fixing them back in their place. We are here to save you from all of this hassle so you can become the undefeated champion of the game that you are!

Recover Faster With These Wholesale Elbow Pads

Elbow injuries can be difficult to deal with because they can take a lot of time to recover and can affect your entire career. So first things first, know the protective measures needed before entering the game and make sure you fulfill all of them to minimize the risk of getting yourself hurt in the process. When you are a fighter, injuries are inevitable but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t have to ensure their safety.

These wholesale elbow pads not only protect you and your partner but they also prove to be really useful in speeding up the healing process in case of any injury. They help bring the muscles and joints back in place faster and prevent them from any additional stress or sprain. Wearing these elbow pads will really let you hit the ground sooner.

Bulk Elbow Pads for More Training Support

Elbow pads offer a lot of benefits for fighters but unfortunately, they are not considered as important as they should be. Wearing elbow pads can really make a huge difference in your performance in the game but few practitioners realize this fact. They provide you with more training support and safety for your sparring partner as well.

You can get bulk elbow pads at Fight Gear Custom for your training centers and gyms and educate the amateur and professional fighters about their importance in the game. We provide elbow pads in bulk quantities to resellers and distributors as well. So if you have been exploring your options, we are here to help you out.


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