Ear Guards

Fight Gear Custom specializes in providing 360° protection to fighters for more optimal security. Especially in wrestling, it is of pivotal importance that the fighter has ample protection for an injury-free match. Moreover, also in Muay Thai famously known as the science of the eight limbs, the combatant is at risk of various injuries due to high-impact head blows and strikes by the opponent.

For martial arts like these, a fighter must invest in essential wrestling ear protection by Fight Gear Custom.

Importance of wrestling ear guards

Some experts have the opinion that ear guards are not a protection must-have. However, in tournaments, professional combatants are ready to sacrifice everything to become the best and thus employ every strategy possible to defeat the champion. Thus, it becomes integral that you get suitable protection for your ears.

At Fight Gear Custom, we endorse the use of ear guards because security is the first and foremost rule of combat sports. Not only does wearing ear guards, provide must-have protection, but it also alleviates the pressure and fear of injury in the fighter.


High-quality wrestling ear protection

Fight Gear Custom is a one-stop shop for a myriad of protective gear ranging from boxing gloves to wrestling ear guards. Owing to the usage of high-performing materials and contemporary manufacturing methods, our ear guards are made to last.

Thus they are deemed as a sustainable investment for fighters. They buy them once and keep them in their gear bags for years to come. Moreover, the durability ensures that the performance isn’t affected with time.

Wrestling ear guard at affordable rates

Wrestling ear guard by Fight Gear Custom not only offer adequate protection but also shock absorption by reducing the impact of the blows. Despite our commitment of high-quality wrestling ear protection, our prices are extremely affordable as compared to retail prices. We firmly believe in accessibility and necessary protection should not be limited to those with heavy investment.

Substandard ear guards will not get the job done; that is why we want you to invest in the best option that offers both premium quality and cost efficiency.

Wrestling earguard in bulk quantities

Fight Gear Custom provides wholesale ear guards in bulk quantities for those who want to start a business or want to get custom wrestling earguard for their gyms or training centers. Visit our website to place your order today!


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