Boxing Sticks

Training using the same methods can often become monotonous for both the coach and the trainee. So changing your routines and ways is always a good idea for a change and to break the mundanity and start afresh. Focus mitts and punching bags are great tools for training, but these boxing sticks at Fight Gear Custom will definitely add variety to your game.

The Advantages of Boxing Sticks

If you have been thinking that boxing sticks might not have a lot to offer as compared to other methods such as focus pads and punching bags when it comes to training, you are completely wrong about it. These boxing sticks have a lot of advantages such as improving swiftness, accuracy, slipping, rolling, footwork, defense, offense, and evasion techniques.

Boxing sticks are lightweight and come with a hand lanyard that makes it easier for the coach to maneuver them around and guide you more effectively about the techniques and the dos and don’ts without having to worry about hurting you.


Custom Boxing Sticks with A Comfortable Grip

For a better training experience, it is extremely important that the coach is comfortable throughout. This is why our custom boxing sticks come with a hand lanyard that provides the trainers with a secure and comfortable grip. This makes it easier for them to move the sticks around without any difficulty. It also reduces the chance of them ending up slipping their joints due to any wrong move.

The accurate gripping is what makes all the difference in how you train. If you are constantly focused on fixing the sticks in your hands, you will not be able to give valuable feedback to the fighters. So it is important that you pay full attention to your trainee to generate the best results with them.

Durable Wholesale Boxing Sticks

Our wholesale boxing sticks are made of the highest quality materials that meet all international standards for training equipment. They are sufficiently lined with foam padding so that the batten does not hurt the trainees accidentally while dodging. These sticks also take up lesser space in your gym bag because of their minimal width.

These boxing sticks are priced in an economical range which makes them an affordable choice as well. They are ideal to add variety to your daily fight training and also help you enhance your dodging, slipping, and rolling techniques in an effective and efficient manner.  

Bulk Boxing Sticks for a Smooth Training Experience

There’s a famous saying in boxing that goes like you have to learn how to hit without getting hit. This quote pretty much sums up the entire science of boxing. Boxing sticks are exactly what you need to learn this technique well.

Our bulk boxing sticks are the ideal choice for having a smooth training experience for both of you and your trainees. If you run a gym or a boxing training center, get these boxing sticks for an effective training session. If you are looking to get boxing sticks in bulk quantities for reselling or distributing, this is the right place for you.  


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