Belly Pads

These belly pads at Fight Gear Custom are specially constructed for intensive fight training sessions so you and your trainee can work together to yield the best results. The high impact absorption and multiple layers of padding make them the ideal choice for training knee strikes, body shots, and heavy kicks.

Belly Pads with Multilayered Padding

Our belly pads are equipped with multilayered padding that absorbs the impact of heavy strikes and kicks without letting it affect your abdominal area in any way. You are able to give better training and feedback to the fighters when you are least worried about getting injured.

You will feel minimal impact of the hard-hitting strikes when wearing these belly pads because they are made to provide you with adequate cushioning and safety against heavy kicks and strikes. So train without an ounce of worry about getting yourself hurt in the process.


Ultimately Comfortable Custom Belly Pads

These custom belly pads are made to fit you comfortably throughout the training sessions. There are hook and loop and elastic closure systems available to fasten them around your waist. You can choose the method that suits you best.

Our belly pads provide you with a secure fit for a smooth training experience. There is no constant need to fix it again and again because they are fastened in their place firmly. The diverse sizing range makes them convenient to fit trainers of different shapes and sizes.

Wholesale Belly Pads Allowing Mobility  

Oftentimes, a belly pad that fits you well would end up restricting your mobility. That is not the case with our wholesale belly pads because they check all boxes for functionality and allow you maximum mobility along with a secure fit.

These belly pads are not just good enough to endure hard kicks and strikes, they are also good enough to let you move around comfortably so you can guide your trainees more efficiently and help them do better in the game.

Durable Bulk Belly Pads

These belly pads at Fight Gear Custom are designed in such a way to keep you comfortable for you to be able to train in them for long, but also sturdy enough to endure a lot of training abuse. The high-quality materials and cushioning used in manufacturing these bulk belly pads make them extremely durable in terms of usage. They are bound to last you for a significant period of time so you can have your best training experiences in them.


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