Custom Belly Pads

Belly pads are a must-have part of any fighter’s protective equipment to provide support against intense and hard-hitting impact during training. Custom belly pads are well-favored by professional fighters and novice trainers who partake in MMA, boxing, kickboxing training, or Muay Thai competitions.

The functionality of custom belly pads

The core reason belly pads are used in training for combat sports is to master the art of being resilient and develop core body strength. They help to prevent accidental kicks and strikes from your sparring partner during training. Thus, saving you from any scraps and injuries in the abdominal area.

Investing in good custom body protectors is definitely a good idea as it will not only protect you but also the other combatant

Belly pads also help to improve your technique and aim and strengthen your offensive and defensive skills while providing suitable protection to your belly. Moreover, it will help sharpen your focus during the game.


Versatile and custom belly pads

Our belly pads are manufactured using the finest quality materials to ensure the ultimate training experience. Our belly pads are particularly designed with state-of-the-art technology which makes them impervious to ruptures and cracks. Premium quality manufacturing materials and innovation in design and execution make our belly pads stand out. This is the main reason they are popular among fighters as we have ensured maximum comfort and durability. Our custom belly pads come in a variety of sizes for different body types and sizes. You should always choose one that fits you perfectly and allows mobility. Otherwise, it will hamper your movement and cause discomfort.

Simply the best bulk belly pads!

Our belly pads provide maximum comfort, cushioning, and durability as well as mobility and shock absorption due to high-impact forces. At boxing Shop USA, we have designed the perfect belly pads for extensive and hard-hitting training to ensure the best possible wins for you.

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Wholesale belly pads at nominal prices

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