A kimono or gi is a martial artist’s uniform that will amplify his performance while giving him the individuality to stand out in the crowd.

Fight Gear Custom specializes in custom kimonos that will enhance your individuality while standing the test of time. They are made for high-functioning trainings, amateur or professional trainings which will ensure that your performance is enhanced.

The primary significance of kimonos

Fight Gear Custom exclusively designs custom kimonos that deliver the epitome of comfort, practicality and functionality without any compromise on design.

Our kimono offers free mobility without any hindrance in the fighter’s movements. We utilize an unparalleled weave that allows elevated breathability to keep the combatants’ body temperature in check. Thus, the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric will keep you sweat free during your HIIT workout or professional tournament. The unification of all these factors makes our kimonos unrivaled in the market.

Custom kimonos enhance the individuality

A standardized uniform for a particular sport ensures that everything is distinguished among the masses which gives them a certain level of pride and glory.

Fight Gear Custom’s brand ethos is to provide high-quality custom boxing gear and wear. We can give your kimonos a personal touch with your name customized on it. Moreover, we can print any type of logo, text, or image on it that holds any special meaning for you.

Bulk kimonos for your business

If you plan to start a retail business and want bulk kimonos, then Fight Gear Custom is the right place for you! We can convert your desired aesthetics into a functional kimono that can feature anything ranging from your brand emblem to some Marvel character on the back.

We are a direct manufacturer and thus you get a good deal on bulk kimonos as compared to other retailers in the market. You get the best of both worlds in terms of product quality and price.

Affordable wholesale kimonos

The functional design paired with classic yet contemporary aesthetics makes our kimonos a fan-favorite in the boxing community. We pledge to make a difference in the fast fashion narrative by using high-quality fabrication that stands the test of time for a more durable product life cycle. Moreover, our manufacturing and detailing are impeccable so you won’t find any loose threads or ill-sewn seams. This gives a luxe finish to your wholesale kimonos.

Despite providing deluxe quality, our wholesale kimonos are available at a very affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Hurry now and get a custom kimono at our atelier!


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