Lace Up Grippers

Lace up grippers are sturdy, secure, and very comfortable. This is perfect if you are looking for some added support while playing. It will also help you stay on the court or the field longer and give you that added advantage! The new custom lace up grippers are designed with the exact same design as our original lace-up grippers and combine comfort and durability with flexible handles. Fight Gear Custom provides you with sports and boxing training equipment in bulk at wholesale rates. Gear up your boxing game with these cozy grippers that are flexible and super-easy to carry.

Long-lasting Custom Lace Up Grippers

Our custom lace up grippers are a unique, durable, and comfortable solution to your daily gym needs. Made from high-quality materials and lifelike fabric, they allow you to wear your gloves to keep you safe from blisters, cuts, and scrapes. Lace up, and get ready for the enhancement of experience with your favorite players, with these great grippers. You’ll need to add some style to your boxing gloves with them.


Get Custom Wholesale Lace Up Grippers

Style your lace up grippers with the help of Fight Gear Custom’s seamless and quick-drying fabric. We love to take it to a completely different level with our high-end customization. Designed to perfectly fit your hands, they provide extra coverage and warmth as well as a comfortable feel in your hand. These are ideal MMA, boxing, and fighting grippers for all levels of boxers and fighters. Acquire yourself custom wholesale lace up grippers for your entire team in bulk to show dignity and unity with grace. 

Personalized Lace Up Grippers in Bulk

Your gloves are meant to fit your hand and it is not possible to “fit” a glove onto your hand. There comes the role of personalized lace up grippers by Fight Gear Custom that ensure a secure fit of your gloves with no fear of getting loose after some time. With the lace up grippers you can still do the basic stuff, but with a little extra comfort. Experience a little unique thing and let yourself fight safely in the ring.

Budget-friendly Lace Up Grippers

With the huge increase in strength, power, and grip you can now lace up your boxing gloves. Put on your boxing gloves and get into the best shape ever! Custom lace up grippers are a great way to maximize the use of your current boxing gear, take the next step up and be on top of the game. Design them by choosing your style, size, color, pattern, and more. They are revolutionary being killer in design and super-efficient in functionality. 


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