Training Shorts

Looking to stay active & comfortable during your training? Our custom training shorts are the perfect solution! Made with flexible fabric and extra stretch panels in the crotch area, these shorts have been designed with comfort and durability. No more worrying about tears or rips during your workout – these training shorts are strong enough to handle any activity!

Are you ready for the next level of training? Upgrade your workout apparel with training shorts from Fight Gear Custom. Our unique design offers greater flexibility than regular gym shorts, plus we’ve added stretch panels in the crotch area to help prevent tears and rips during even the most intense workouts. With a sleek and stylish look, you’ll be sure to turn heads while pushing yourself to reach your fitness goals. Get your perfect fit today!

Custom Training Shorts With Convenient Adjustability  

Get the customized fit and the ultimate comfort during your training with our high-performance custom training shorts! Crafted from a special spandex/polyester composite material, these shorts are lightweight, breathable, and flexible—allowing you to move easily. 

Plus, they feature sweat-wicking technology to keep you dry and have anti-microbial properties that prevent odors and bacteria growth. Don’t worry about tearing or ripping either—our unique stretch panels provide added durability for long-lasting wear. Get the most out of your workout with our training shorts!


Men’s Training Shorts Wholesale 

With split seams, you can move freely without worrying about stretching or tearing. Its rubberized waistband provides extra grip and a snug fit with velcro closure and drawstring fastening. Whether you’re grappling or training, you can be sure you’ll have the best comfort and performance when you wear men’s training shorts wholesale

Get personalized training trunks that are specifically designed for your active lifestyle! Fight Gear Custom’s shorts are designed to allow maximum flexibility and minimize stretching while they stay in place no matter how hard you train.

Trustworthy Custom Training Shorts Manufacturers

Get the performance you need at a budget-friendly price. Fight Gear Custom is one of the top-leading custom training shorts manufacturers. Push yourself with these shorts! Our breathable and flexible shorts are designed to keep you comfortable and secure during all physical activity. 

And with their budget-friendly price tag, they’re an unbeatable choice for athletes on a budget. Plus, their Velcro fastening strips on the front and waistband ensure your shorts will stay in place and reduce unwanted movement, so you can focus on achieving your goals. Get your custom training shorts today – and make every workout count!

Shop Wholesale Training Shorts in Bulk

Get ready to focus on your workout without worrying about slipping or bagging. Our custom fit and extra elastic design gives you full support while allowing for unrestricted mobility so you can push yourself further. Look and feel amazing while getting the best results in your training sessions with custom wholesale training shorts! Get the comfort and fit you need to reach your peak performance today!


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