Hand Wraps – Grey Camo

  • Length: 180 inches
  • Contoured fit allows greater strength and protection
  • Custom-fit for the hand with easy adjustability
  • Greater breathability and moisture-wicking properties that prevent bad odors
  • High-impact resistance and wrist support
  • Perfect for training and professional tournaments

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Hand wraps are a must-have boxing essential for optimum protection. Hand wraps are considered the ultimate armor for added security, protection, and position retention. Our hand wraps are exclusively designed to protect, hands and knuckles thus the fighter can throw as many blows and punches without a fear in this world.

Snug and no-slip fit conforms to the shape of the fighter’s hand and wrist for high-functioning combat training. This results in a firm and full coverage custom and a natural fit for every athlete that is perfect to wear under gloves for added security. Moreover, owing to a custom fit the hand wraps offer a very comfortable and no-hassle experience.

For unbeatable wrist support, our hand wraps for boxing come in bold cut 180 inches that elevate the level of protection during sparring. This relieves the fighter from any fear and worries about getting hurt by the opponent’s blows. Our hand wraps offer excellent reinforcement for the wrist and knuckles with high impact resistance.

Our boxing hand wraps are relatively easy to use and are easy to roll away when you want to store them for later usage. The no-hassle experience has compelled many boxing enthusiasts and professionals to make our hand wraps an essential part of their boxing kit.

Our boxing gloves hand wraps have moisture-wicking properties that allow for greater breathability during the fight. Moreover, this sweat-proof property prevents odors which allows the fighters to sue them for a longer period of time. Hand wraps for boxing gloves take your game up a notch as you get extra protection for your hand while getting added wrist support.

 These hand wraps come in a grey camo pattern which is perfect for those who like style and versatility in the most useful things.


180 inches


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