Hand Wraps

Boxing hand wraps may seem just like an ordinary piece of cloth but they are an essential item in a fighter’s kit since they contribute to protecting their primary weapon which is their hands. The small, movable joints and bones in the hands become vulnerable to getting fractured or displaced due to throwing hard punches. These boxing hand wraps at Fight Gear Custom are particularly designed to provide extra wrist support along with protection.

Boxing Hand Wraps to Protect the Primary Weapon

A combatant’s primary weapon is their hands because they are majorly involved in the fight. Protecting the hands from damage is crucial to a fighter’s career. In order to minimize or avoid risking injury, boxing hand wraps must be worn. These hand wraps when tied around the hands, compress the muscles and bones to some extent to secure them in their place.

Sometimes the impact of the punch is absorbed solely by a smaller bone, causing it to fracture or dislocate. This type is specifically called the “boxer’s fracture” because it is the most common in them. These hand wraps for boxing are not only helpful in ensuring the safety of hands, but also keep the wrist joints aligned.


Hand Wraps for Boxing with Added Wrist Support

Providing support to the bones is as important as protecting them from injury. In fact, supporting them complements protection. The risk of injuries and fractures is significantly reduced by wrapping your hands. It helps keep the small moveable bones and joints firm in their place and aligns the overall skeletal structure of the hands.

These hand wraps are equipped to provide the joints within your wrists with added support during the game so you can punch freely without worrying about getting your hands injured. A fractured or displaced bone can prove to be really painful and might as well become the end to your fighting career. So always wrap your hands before beginning a fight or training for it.

Sweat Absorbing Boxing Hand Wrap

Our boxing hand wrap has a sweat-absorbing phenomenon so the fighters do not have to face any discomfort due to moisture accumulation in the hands. This feature helps keep the hands cool and dry during the long hours of strenuous training sessions and competitions.  

Wet hands can also cause the hands to keep slipping in the gloves which loosen up your grip. Any moisture on the hands is absorbed by these hand wraps so you can focus on winning the game rather than getting uncomfortable or distracted by sweat.

Get These Incredible Hand Wraps for Boxing Gloves

Although hand wraps can be worn as a standalone item for light bag training but they must be worn underneath the boxing gloves in all other cases. Our hand wraps for boxing gloves are perfect for heavy bag training, sparring, and professional fights. So make sure to protect your hands before you enter the ring for training or competing.


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