Knee Pads

Guards your knees during intense combat of Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, or Krav Maga with high-quality kneed pads by Fight Gear Custom.

We are a one-stop shop for professional protective equipment for all kinds of martial arts and whether you want custom gloves or MMA sparring knee pads, we have you sorted for everything you might need.

Muay Thai knee pads for elevated performance

Investing in dependable and deluxe quality Muay Thai knee pads is integral for your safety and critical to extending protection. Our knee pads are manufactured using a novel technology that removes excessive perspiration and increases breathability for a more comfortable experience. The exclusive ventilation system ensures that the fighter doesn’t feel icky during his high-impact workout sessions or professional tournaments.


Deluxe quality and everlasting BJJ knee pads

We offer the best quality and best design custom knee pads in the market all while keeping the prices at a very affordable rate. Thus, knee pads by Fight Gear Custom are perfect for all kinds of Muay Thai, BJJ, or MMA practitioners that are in search of a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Our BJJ knee pads will not only protect you but take your game up a notch by offering maximum support. The knee pads are manufactured using an ultra-lightweight material with stretching ability for an anatomical design. Moreover, the cushioning and reinforced padding offers improved protection.

MMA sparring knee pads for professionals and enthusiasts

Our professional knee pads provide optimal protection while also providing amplified comfort and maneuverability. Knee pads by Fight Gear Custom are a breeze to wear and take off swiftly which has made them a popular choice among both professionals and those who are just starting out!

The knee straps are particularly designed to offer enhanced support and compression while offering a snug fit. The advantages of optimum shock absorption and unparalleled fit are what make us stand out!

Best BJJ knee pads on the market!

Explore a large range of superior-quality sparring knee pads made by Fight Gear Custom that are exclusively made for competition and combat training. Opt for our deluxe quality best BJJ knee pads by Fight Gear Custom and get ready to fight with style. Visit our website now to get your custom knee pads!


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