Body Protectors

Take your coaching and sessions to the next level with these body protectors at Fight Gear Custom which are built to provide you with the ultimate comfort, optimal protection, and maximum shock absorption so you can train without any fears of getting yourself injured by the hard-hitting strikes.

Body Protectors for the Ultimate Training Experience

Our body protectors will prove to be a game changer for your training sessions with their exceptional characteristics. They have stood firm through the test of intense striking and kicking over time. This is why they make the right choice for being your companion in fight training.  

They are built with comfort, practicality, and safety in mind to give you a smooth training experience. Defeat your fears with our body protectors because, with them, you do not have to be afraid of the hard kicks and strikes that come your way.


Custom Body Protectors Ensuring Maximum Safety

Safety and protection from injury are supposed to be the primary concerns for both fighters and trainers. Any injury could lead to a huge break or an end to their career. So these custom body protectors are heavily padded to ensure maximum safety.

The impact of blows is dispersed on the padded surface before it reaches your bones and muscles. So your torso is protected from any fractures and bruises due to the intense striking. These body protectors come with a custom fit so they can easily be worn by people of multiple sizes.

Long Lasting Wholesale Body Protectors

Our wholesale body protectors are made to last you for an entire career. They are built of the toughest materials and with adequate cushioning within them that ensures durability and reliability. They can withstand a lot of training punishment without any wear and tear.

The secure fit keeps you comfortable throughout the long hours of training sessions. It helps them stay in place without the constant need of fixing it. Now you can train better and without any fear while wearing these body protectors in your coaching and sparring sessions.  

Bulk Body Protectors with Optimal Impact Absorption

If you are someone operating in a gym or fight training institute looking out for bulk body protectors, we have got the right solutions for you. Our body protectors are made to bear high impact absorption with the high-grade padding used in them. This makes them the ideal choice for intense training and sparring sessions. Create a difference in your trainee’s performance by wearing these body protectors.


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