Gel Wraps

Gel wraps are supposed to be worn underneath boxing gloves for added protection to the knuckles and wrist support. They have a slip-on design that helps fighters wear and take them off within seconds, unlike traditional hand wraps that took a lot of time and effort. These boxing gel wraps at Fight Gear Custom are made to fit your hands perfectly and ensure their safety during the game.

Boxing Gel Wraps with Added Protection

Our boxing gel wraps are made to provide your hands with added protection while you are in the ring or training for the game. The small bones and joints present in the hand become more prone to breaking or getting displaced due to the impact of heavy punching and striking. This is why they require extra protection.

The gel foam padding cushions the impact of strikes and distributes it evenly so the small bones in the hands are not affected at all. These gel wraps can be worn separately for light bag training as well but must be worn under the boxing gloves while training or competing in a professional setting.   


Breathable Gel Hand Wraps

Wearing multiple layers on the hands may produce extra heat and cause excessive sweating which makes the combatants uncomfortable. So in order to avoid this issue, our gel hand wraps are lined with a moisture-wicking fabric that absorbs any moisture and sweat to keep you comfortable throughout the long training hours.

These gel wraps are breathable so your hands would not get heated up time and again and you can focus on your game with full attention. If you keep getting distracted or uncomfortable due to heat or sweat, you won’t be able to give your best in the game.    

Form-Fitting Gel Hand Wraps Boxing

Getting the right fit in hand wraps is the key to a good boxing game. This is why we have created form-fitting gel wraps so you feel comfortable when you train or fight in the ring. These gel hand wraps boxing are specifically engineered to fit your hands while protecting them from injuries and providing necessary support.

The wrong fit will not only affect your performance negatively but also cause damage to the structure of your hands. So these gel hand wraps will provide extra support to your wrist joints to dissipate the impact of hard strikes you throw at your opponent.   

The Best Gel Wraps for Boxing

If you have been looking for high-quality gel wraps for boxing, Fight Gear Custom is where you will find them. Our gel wraps are undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to using them for professional fights or training purposes. Experience an elevated performance and a superior level of support and protection in these gel wraps.


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