Custom Knuckle Protectors

Knuckle guards are the third layer of protection for your hand, wrist, and knuckles in addition to gloves and hand wraps. Although a supplementary accessory to custom boxing gloves, custom knuckle protectors are the extra aid that will elevate your sparring game! Boxing Shop USA provides the most premium custom boxing gear including knuckle protectors for adequate safety, and shock absorption while preventing injuries, and are purpose-built for the power puncher!

The vitality of knuckle guards

One of the most common fractures combatants face is aptly named the ‘Boxer’s fracture’. It involves the metacarpal bones that join the ring finger to the wrist.It can lead to stiffness, bruising, deformity, and possibly nerve damage. Now the boxer isn’t allowed to fight in his situation as his hand is aching and ultimately he can’t throw punches.  Using knuckle protectors will put you out of your misery in this scenario. Thus, it is an undeniable fact that knuckle protectors provide more freedom to fight and reduce the fear of getting hurt in combat.


How to select the best knuckle protectors?  

Good knuckle wraps for boxing allow complete freedom in all directions without restricting your hand.  Thus, it is mandatory that you opt for the right size as ill-fitting will impede movement.Only go for good quality ones as investing in substandard knuckle protectors is as good as none. Moreover, since knuckle protectors are worn under gloves and hand wraps, ensure that the three of them are harmonious for maximum protection and support during the fight.We at Boxing Shop USA have exclusively designed knuckle wraps for combat sports. So, you can fight more fiercely and strike with maximum force.

Deluxe-quality knuckle wraps for boxing

Having high-quality knuckle guards gives you a competitive edge as your hand is secure enough and you don’t have to stress about any prospective harm.

At Boxing Shop USA, we strive for the best possible quality custom boxing protective gear by using elite manufacturing materials and employing a world-class product design.

Versatile and durable knuckle wraps

For some knuckle guards are not a fundamental part of your combat armory. But, we believe that you should go the extra mile and take all necessary steps to increase your chances of winning the game. Your hands are deemed as your prime weapon and you should do anything possible that is within your reach for the best results. Boxing Shop USA provides high-quality, durable, and cost-effective best knuckle guards for boxing. You should get ones that fit you properly and don’t make movement difficult. Our knuckle guards can extend the life of your worn-out gloves, prevent grazing and cuts, and provide necessary shock absorption when you are injured to keep your head in the game. The best knuckle guards for boxing are available at our store at a very cost-efficient price. Add them to your arsenal today and feel the difference!