Knuckle Protector

As a combatant, your knuckles and fists are a strong amplifier of your success. So you must put in extra effort to give them all the protection and care they deserve. If you are serious about going places in your fight career, you must wear these knuckle guards from Fight Gear Custom in addition to wrapping your hands underneath the boxing gloves.

Knuckle Guards for Extra Safety

Extra safety always offers you an extra competitive advantage over others. If you do not ensure protecting your knuckles, you might end up with a “boxer’s fracture”. It is a common condition in boxers that involves the fracture of any of the metacarpals. The damage of even one out of fourteen metacarpals can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Boxer’s fracture can make it really hard for you to throw punches due to pain and tenderness. Instead of getting your knuckles damaged and ending up in pain, it is better that you use knuckle guards as an extra protective layer on your hands in combination with hand wraps and boxing gloves. They provide room for more shock absorption and significantly reduce the risk of injury.


Knuckle Protectors with High-Density Padding

These knuckle protectors are equipped with high-density gel foam padding that dissipates the impact of hard punches and protects the knuckles from potential damage and pain. An extra layer of cushioning really makes all the difference in your game as it helps you punch like never before.

When you are not afraid of getting your hands injured and ending up in pain, you throw punches more efficiently. These knuckle wraps for boxing are really all that you need to take your performance up the notch. Whether you need to go for a training session or a fight competition, these knuckle pads are the best choice for you.

Breathable Knuckle Wraps   

With layer upon layer of protection, there is a high chance of sweat and heat to get accumulated in your hands. We at Fight Gear Custom have taken care of this issue by lining these knuckle wraps with a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that helps keep the hands cool and dry.

This feature also aids in the prevention of breakouts on the skin due to bacterial or fungal infections. Sweat can also be very discomforting while you are training or competing so we have made sure that these knuckle pads absorb it effectively for a smooth fighting experience.

Best Knuckle Guards for Boxing in Affordable Price Range

Finding quality knuckle wraps for boxing in an affordable price range might seem impossible to you, but not anymore with Fight Gear Custom. We bring to you the best knuckle guards for boxing without breaking the bank. So head to our online store right now to get your hands on top-quality knuckle pads and give your knuckles the protection they deserve for throwing punches.


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