Boxing Fight Gloves – Black/Red

  • Sizes: 4oz to 20oz
  • Deluxe product quality
  • Durability and long-lasting design
  • Superior fit and feel
  • Made to last owing to premium raw materials and finishing
  • Curated, crafted, and designed in Pakistan.

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Fighting gloves are considered a prerequisite for sparring gear in martial arts. Our fighting boxing gloves are unmatched in terms of quality, fit, and longevity. They are deemed ideal for various high-functioning workouts, MMA, Muay Thai, aerobic or cardio workouts, etc.

Our specialized design features a power grip palm and protects the wrist against hyperflexion. All-purpose fight gloves are exclusively made to elevate your fighting game. The lower-weight gloves are perfect for training and bagging whereas higher-weight gloves are ideal for sparring and combat. Owing to secure fit and easy on and off, our fighter boxing gloves are popular among both professionals and people who are just starting out.

You can get these in primary two colors i.e. black or red depending upon your personal preference. Along with secure fit and durability, our pro-fight gloves are unparalleled when it comes to style and aesthetics. Our fight boxing gloves provide optimal protection during combat from your opponent as it has padding and premium materials.  

You can get custom boxing gloves from us at very nominal prices that are a fraction of the cost compared to retail shops. Moreover, our customization services bring your vision to life with personalized gloves that you can keep on your journey to domination.



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