Boxing Gloves – Matte Black

  • Weight: 4oz to 20oz
  • Made proudly in Pakistan
  • Classic finish in matte black color
  • Added support and protection from injury
  • Made of the finest quality materials
  • Sweat-absorbing, breathable, and antibacterial properties to prevent any microbial infections on the skin  

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These boxing gloves are made to take your performance up the notch while giving you a classic and elegant look with their matte black color and premium finish. With these professional boxing gloves, you can throw hard punches at your opponent without worrying about dislocating your joints. They are designed to protect the muscles, joints, and bones of your hands by not letting them dislocate due to heavy punching and striking.

Our boxing professional gloves are engineered to give your punches all the power they need and yet comfortable to wear. Once you slip your hands into these cool boxing gloves, you will not want to switch to any other boxing gloves because they are that good to wear. The matte black color gives them a classic finish and elevates your confidence like none other. If you are a fan of classic pieces, this is the perfect choice for you to opt for all your professional competitions. These boxing gloves for fighting are made of first-grade materials that make them really comfortable to wear and durable. They are sweat-absorbing and antibacterial to prevent any microbial infections on the skin.



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