Kick Shields

If you are keen on combat sports such as muay Thai, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts, these kick shields at Fight Gear Custom will prove to be a great piece of equipment for you. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur player, a professional one, or even just doing it for recreational purposes. These kick pads will assist you in taking the level of your game up a notch.

Kick Shields with Adequate Padding

The kick shields are worn by trainers on their forearms so the trainees can kick or strike for the sake of practice. This helps them improve their striking accuracy, footwork, technique, and stamina. Our kick shields are adequately padded to absorb the impact of kicks without letting you face any stress or shock.

Now you can let your trainees strike at the kick shield freely and with power because we wouldn’t let you get hurt. The wide, padded rectangular surface is perfect to dissipate the impact of kicks so you can pay more attention to help the fighters develop speed and precision.


Kickshields for High-Performance Training

Our kickshields are specially designed to generate high-performance training by the fighters. As a trainer, you can work closely with the trainees to make their kicks and strikes more powerful and impactful while wearing these kick pads.

The risk of getting injured is significantly reduced with the help of these kick pads so you can train your clients without having to worry about getting yourself hurt. Endure kicks and elbow blows without feeling an ounce of stress on your arms when wearing these kick shields.

Sturdy Bulk Kick Shields

Our kick shields are made of the toughest and sturdiest materials that are ideal to withstand a lot of training abuse without any wear and tear. So if you have been looking to purchase bulk kick shields in good quality for your fight training institute or gym, or for reselling and distribution purposes, we are here to assist you. You can get kick pads in bulk amounts easily at Fight Gear Custom.


Wide Array of Wholesale Kick Shields

We at Fight Gear Custom have got a wide array of product portfolios for wholesale kick shields. You can check it out at our online store where you will get to see the whole variety of kick pads. With our strict quality assurance monitoring and policies, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our products. They are very reliable and durable to use for training purposes and guaranteed to improve your performance in the game.


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