Ankle Supports

Muay Thai is a brutal contact support as it involves a high risk of injuries and damages. Since it focuses a lot on kicking, the legs and feet are always prone to get hurt. Although injuries are inevitable, especially in a combat sport but minimizing the risk is always in our own hands. We can do so by wearing protective gear and using it to our best.

Muay Thai Ankle Support to Avoid Rolling or Spraining

Rolling and spraining ankles are the most common forms of injuries that occur in fighters. It happens mostly because the impact of a kick is absorbed by the wrong muscle or joint. Though wearing a muay Thai ankle support is not mandatory, it is still better to wear it for a training session or a professional competition.

This muay thai ankle support at Fight Gear Custom stabilizes your muscles and joints and keeps them firm in their place so they have to face lesser impact of the heavy kicks. It is here to make your training life easier and smoother so you can kick and spar without any worries.


Muay Thai Ankle Guard for Improved Blood Flow

This muay thai ankle guard uses the phenomenon of compression to provide support and protection to the feet and ankles. The compression helps in improving blood flow toward the ankles and keeps them warm. All of this helps lessen the risk of rolling or spraining ankles. This characteristic is especially useful when fighting in colder regions.  

Speedy Recovery With Our Ankle Brace Muay Thai

In case of an injury, all your fight training and competitions come to a pause for several weeks. At that time, it becomes more crucial to take care of the injured foot in order to recover and get back to fight training sooner.

Our ankle brace muay thai is made to speed up the healing process by keeping the tendons, muscles, and joints compact in their place and retaining their original structure. The support provided by these ankle guards stabilizes the ankles by providing them relief from stress.  

Long Lasting Bulk Ankle Support

These ankle braces are made to last you for a long time. They are reusable and easy to clean as well. Whether you are an amateur or professional player, you must wear them because even experts can roll or sprain their ankles due to a small misstep.

We at Fight Gear Custom provide bulk ankle supports to resellers, distributors, and those who run fight training institutes or gyms. So if you have been exploring where to get them, we have got you covered. You can shop from us for a hassle-free experience.


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