What do we offer? 

Personalize your gear and design your custom boxing equipment with a few easy steps with us. Mix and match by choosing designs, types of materials, patterns, and sizes. What’s more? – You can get your personalized logos, taglines, and graphics/pictures printed on the retail and wholesale custom boxing gloves and other boxing equipment. 

Create your design

The design you create online at our website can be sent straight to manufacturing right from our website. Our team of industry professionals is fully equipped to take your designs, tweak them for perfection and manufacture your desired custom boxing gear and accessories as per your specific requirements based on premium quality, durable and comfortable fitting gear. 

Our Expertise?

Fight Gear Custom is known worldwide for premium quality custom boxing gloves, fight gear, and sportswear/accessories. Our wholesale custom boxing gloves and custom boxing accessories are known and appreciated internationally. Many pro-boxers and renowned boxing bodies, institutes, and clubs use our custom boxing gear owing to our quality material and detailed craftsmanship.