Mouth Guards

Our mouth guards are particularly designed to provide you with an unmatched level of protection in contact sports. They are made to fit between your teeth and protect them from breaking or getting damaged due to high-impact strikes and punches targeted at the face.


Mouth Guards with Unmatched Protection in the Ring

Teeth are at a high risk of getting broken or damaged in the ring, and a broken tooth may even cause a choking hazard to the fighter. So these mouth guards at Fight Gear Custom are built to provide your teeth and oral cavity with superior protection when in the ring. They significantly reduce the chance of injury in most cases.

While wearing these mouth guards, you will be able to bear the impact of punches targeted at your jaws. This phenomenon of shock absorption is what protects the teeth. However, you should be able to talk and breathe comfortably when wearing them.


Made-to-Fit Custom Mouth Guards

Our custom mouth guards are specifically designed to fit your upper teeth. It is essential that you get a mouth guard that is specially made for you in order to get the right fit. Choosing the wrong-sized mouth guard will not only cause discomfort but also trouble in talking and breathing.

Getting yourself a customized mouth guard is a valuable thing to invest in as a broken or damaged tooth will cost you way more than that. So it is important that you set your priorities right and focus on protecting yourself from all sorts of injuries if you are serious about excelling in your fighting career. You would not be able to stay in the game for long if you do not work on taking the necessary safety measures.

Easy to Clean Wholesale Mouth Guards   

Hygiene is the most important thing especially when it comes to equipment such as mouth guards that are to be placed within your oral cavity. So it is essential that they are not only clean, but also free of any germs so they do not become a cause for you to be catching other ailments.

We know that cleaning mouth guards is always a big hassle but that is not the case with Fight Gear Custom mouth guards. They are very simple and easy to clean. You don’t have to go through a lot of pain for cleaning these wholesale mouth guards.  

First Grade Bulk Mouth Guards

Our mouth guards are made of first-grade materials with extra care to provide the fighters with maximum protection at all times during a training session or professional competition. You can get bulk mouth guards from Fight Gear Custom online store at affordable prices. So if you are a reseller or distributor exploring where to get quality mouth guards, this is the right place for you to be.


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