Custom Bagging Boxing Gloves

Bag gloves are typically used to punch heavy bags or mitts. They are used only for training with a punching bag.The custom heavy boxing gloves for training are not so heavy and are lightly padded as compared to boxing or sparring gloves. The padding on the knuckles, however, is thicker than other parts of the glove.

Boxing Gloves for Bag Training Vs. Other Gloves

The gloves for heavy bag training are specifically used to train with the punch bag. They are open at the thumb which provides it unrestricted movement which can or cannot be a good thing. The wrist wraps ofcustom heavy boxing gloves are usually rubber straps that make it really easy to wear or take off just like a slip-on. However, they do not provide much protection to the players’ wrist joints and might end up dislocating them if the player does not punch using them with extra care.  Whereas, sparring gloves are designed in order to protect the partner. They are open at the fingers, and also have lesser padding than boxing gloves, except for on the knuckles where the padding is heavier as compared to the rest of the glove. Boxing gloves are mostly used in professional matches. They are heavier in weight and have lots of padding in them to enhance the power of punches and to provide maximum protection from injury to the players.


Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag Training in Terms of Size

Customized boxing gloves are sized according to their weight. The heavier the weight of the boxing glove, the larger its size.Whereas, training gloves for heavy bag are categorized according to their fit in terms of standard sizing small, medium, large, or extra large.So, it is really important to know your size and choose the right training gloves for heavy bag in order to attain maximum protection and benefit. 

Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag Training in Terms of Fit

Getting the perfectly fitting boxing gloves for heavy bag training is so important because the wrong fit can not only affect a player’s performance negatively but also cause serious damage to the joints present in the hands and wrists. One must try on different pairs of boxing gloves for heavy bag training and take their time to know if this is the perfect one before actually buying one. The glove with the right fit does not have to be too loose or too tight. It should be the one where your hands are most comfortable and have enough movement.

Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag Training in Terms of Quality

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