Rash Guards

Looking for the best rash guards? Try our custom rash guards. They’re built with versatility in mind so that they can be used as an undershirt or as a first layer under your shirt or jacket. We’ve made them tough, with a high neckline to protect your throat & keep you safe. The smooth and stylish skin protection will keep you looking good while not slowing you down in the fight and during your run!

The long sleeves ensure you’re adequately protected without feeling constricted or overheated. Versatility in usage also ensures that no matter what activity you do, you’ll find the rash guard ideal for your needs. Lastly, its form-fitting material and design mean it’s no less comfortable than wearing nothing.

Snug-Fit Custom Rash Guards 

With Fight Gear Custom’s rash guards, you’ll stand out from the crowd and protect yourself at the same time. They’re not simply functional garments meant to keep you cool but a stylish way to use your clothing as a statement. They are made from a lightweight, stretchable material that moves with you as you work out and maintains its shape. The fabric of the custom rash guard is form-fitted and ergonomic, making it more comfortable to wear than a standard tank top. 


Exclusive Deals On Wholesale Rash Guards

You want to ensure your body is safe and well-protected when training in martial arts, MMA sessions, and fights. The best rashguards are made of high-quality fabrics. They are breathable, quick-drying, and offer maximum comfort when wearing them during your training. Get the best low-priced deals on your next-level wholesale rash guards by buying bulk from Fight Gear Custom.

Customized Rash Guards – Embodiment of Excellence

The comfy and well-protected rash guard has a performance fabric that will not fade or lose its color, and this rash guard is also machine washable. It is made to last and get dried up quickly. The great value rash guard is ready for action wherever you go. Our customized rashguards are durable and fit well, making them a great purchase.

Get Bulk Rash Guards at Reasonable Prices 

What can be more important than fighting back? Confidence to fight well and high-quality fightwear! Regarding MMA, BJJ, and other full-contact training, a rashguard can be your best friend. It can shield you from harmful bacteria and keep you dry for a long time. When it comes to performance, these bulk rashguards are made of Polyester/spandex material, which makes them slim, durable, and comfortable to wear. With the option to choose your style of colors and designs, you’re certain to find a favorite at Fight Gear Custom!


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