Pro Boxing Gloves

As a pro-fight shop, Fight Gear Custom specializes in custom boxing gear that includes pro boxing gloves as well. We have premium quality boxing gloves approved for professional competitions. The pro-fighters usually wear 8oz gloves or 10oz gloves depending upon the tournament requirements. 8oz gloves are usually worn by combatants in the welterweight (174Ib.) class and 10oz gloves are worn by the combatants in the super welterweight (154Ib.) class.

Premium Quality pro boxing gloves

At Fight Gear Custom, we believe that premium quality gloves take your performance up a notch. Not only do you feel comfortable and secure but your game spirit is amplified. Thus, deluxe quality pro boxing gloves are the key to making you a reigning champion.

To ensure standards of the highest quality, we use only the best materials and manufacturing methods for an overall seamless experience. As a result, you get durable gloves that stand the test of time and don’t get ripped or worn out after a few punches.


Why do you need fighting pro boxing gloves?

Many arise the question that why we need professional boxing gloves and are regular gloves not good enough. The answer is really simple. Professional boxers need a little bit more protection while needing lighter/heavier gloves depending upon their particle need. Thus, made with firmer padding, our fighting pro boxing gloves are simply the best investment you can make if you aspire to be a professional boxer.

Made with the champions in mind, our pro fight boxing gloves will take your game to another level.

Affordable pro fight boxing gloves

Just because pro boxing gloves are made exclusively for tournaments doesn’t mean they should be expensive. At Fight Gear Custom, we want to increase the accessibility of professional gear by keeping the prices affordable. In this way, they are not limited to a particular audience with big bucks, and anyone who is enthusiastic about the sport can get them.

The union of best quality gloves and nominal prices make our boxing pro fight gloves the best in the market!

Best pro boxing gloves in bulk quantities

Fight Gear Custom is a direct manufacturer that makes professional boxing gear per your custom needs. We cater to both individual and commercial orders depending on your personal need. We can give you the Best pro boxing gloves in bulk quantities that will depict your personal aesthetics.

To shop boxing pro fight gloves and more visit our website now!


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