Groin Guards

Wearing a groin protector is compulsory when it comes to contact sports such as boxing, MMA, muay Thai, or kickboxing. It is because there is a risk of serious injury or damage to the groin area due to accidental or intentional low blows. Our groin guards are engineered to provide you with the ultimate groin protection in the ring without restricting your mobility in any way.

Groin Protector with the Ultimate Protection

For a groin protector to be efficient enough, it is necessary that it provides the protection it promises. Combatants are at a high risk of injury due to low blows targeted at the groin area which may or may not be accidental. Our groin guards are equipped with sufficient padding to absorb high-impact strikes without letting the fighters suffer from unbearable pain.

Groin protection must not be compromised at all. You can only fight well when you feel safe, secure, and protected because it is only then you can pay full attention to what you are doing. If you feel afraid, your fear will distract you and let your opponent tackle you. So take your performance up the notch with our incredible boxing groin protectors.


Boxing Groin Guard That Doesn’t Hinder Your Movement

Along with protection, it is equally essential that a boxing groin guard does not hinder your movement in the ring in any way. If your mobility is restricted while you compete with the opponent, you can easily lose the game there and then. That is why our boxing groin guards make the best choice for both training and professional competitions.

These groin protectors are made to keep you comfortable in your skin throughout the fight with unrestricted movement around the ring. We make sure you get to deliver your best in the game while staying protected throughout.   

Boxing Groin Protector With the Right Fit

It is crucial to choose a boxing groin protector that fits you perfectly for the best outcomes. One that doesn’t fit right will always nag you during the game and restrict your movement accompanied by plenty of discomfort.

At Fight Gear Custom, we have a number of sizes available to cater to the diverse market. Our groin guards are made to fit perfectly so the fighters can be comfortable when wearing them. We recommend that you always go through the size guide to choose the best one for yourself.  

Choosing the Best Boxing Groin Protector

When it comes to ensuring one’s safety in combat sports, one should never settle for protective gear less than top quality. Fight Gear Custom has got the best boxing groin protector that checks all the boxes it should. Comfort, fit, protection, and durability are the salient characteristics of our groin guards with a lot of other amazing ones as well. Whether you need groin protectors for training purposes, or for professional competitions, we have got you covered.   


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