Get your hands on handmade spats that are perfect for your gym bag or fight gear. With custom design, you’re sure to be looking forward to meeting your next opponent in these unique and stylish pieces. A unique, handmade, custom-fit product that will keep your feet within your fightwear. These unique and custom BJJ spats from Fight Gear Custom offer a functional & fashionable way to cover up during workouts and everyday wear.

Explore Custom BJJ Spats 

Custom BJJ spats by Fight Gear Custom are lightweight and breathable, providing superior performance and durability. The form-fitting design wicks moisture away and gives you an extra-cool, dry ride. 

The only thing that’s hotter than the sun in the summer is your legs. So cover them up without ruining your look! Tired of uncomfortable, itchy spats? Look no further. With superior performance and wicking properties, these custom spats will improve performance in any sport while protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Wholesale BJJ Spats With Personalized Designs

Our wholesale BJJ spats are the best in the industry. Professional custom-made logos stretch to prevent cracking, peeling, or fading. They are made for champions and built for durability. The equipment by Fight Gear Custom eliminates friction and reduces the risk of injury during your exercise. 

And they are designed to look and feel like the first time you put them on. Shop for custom spats at the best price to get a pair for every occasion! They’re made with a variety of features that help amplify your performance as well as help prevent any damage or breakdowns.

Fight Confidently By Wearing Competitive Custom MMA Spats 

When wearing custom-made, breathable muscle spats, your muscles will feel more supported and pump more blood. Made with durable fabric with no latex, our muscle spats are designed to prevent any pain, friction, or risk of injury. Get custom MMA spats depending on your budget and needs from Fight Gear Custom in bulk.

Get the Best Deals For Customized Jiu-Jitsu Spats 

Doing endless rounds of ground fighting in the gym can be a grueling experience, but these spats are designed to help you in the long run by keeping your muscles cool and reducing fatigue. 

You tell us what color, design, print, size, and accessories you want in your custom BJJ spats, and we make it happen at an unbeatable price! Explore eye-captivating deals and get the best-in-class fightwear for your training sessions and professional fights. 


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