Gel Wraps – Cheetah

  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Ultra soft and breathable fabric
  • Easy to wrap with sufficient padding for maximum knuckle protection
  • Made of premium quality materials that don’t feel bulky under your gloves
  • Perfect for all kinds of martial arts
  • Maximum protection and support for hand and wrist

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Boxing Shop USA provides gel hand wraps that are secure, supportive, and durable. Moreover, they provide a hassle-free experience as you can wrap them in seconds. They are ideal for combatants who want an easy and convenient alternative to regular hand wraps. Our gel wraps for boxing slide on your hands in seconds which doesn’t make the process time-consuming.

Our gel wraps are backed by a decade of research and offer a superb fit every time. Gel wraps provide maximum support for your wrists while you are training, sparring, or taking part in professional tournaments. Our gel wraps are exclusively designed to provide support and align your hands and wrists with each strike. Our gel wraps empower the combatant to train with absolute confidence so he can be the champion every time in combat.

The effectiveness of the gel wraps for boxing depends upon the quality of the gel used and if substandard raw materials are used then it’s better not to bother with any as they won’t provide ample protection against injuries. We use high-quality materials that ensure that you get elevated protection against the wrist, and knuckle injuries. Moreover, over-lock stitching and detailed finishing provide extra durability which makes our gel wraps last a long time. Our gel wraps stay with you round after round, wash after wash ensuring a longer product lifecycle.

These gel boxing wraps come in a cheetah pattern which makes them a perfect choice for those who want to make a statement and like to escape the ordinary.


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


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