Boxing Gloves – Black/Gold

  • Size: 4oz to 20oz
  • Best for high-functioning cardio and aerobic workouts as well as sparring
  • Suitable for both professionals and boxing enthusiasts
  • Longevity of the product
  • High-quality gloves that offer elevated protection and amplified performance
  • Exclusively made in Pakistan

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A combatant needs to invest in appropriate and professional boxing gloves to elevate his fighting game. Our boxing gloves for fighting are ergonomically designed to fit your fist snugly which makes the whole experience for the fighter very comfortable. Since we use high-quality and superior products combined with impeccable craftsmanship and an unmatched design ideology, our gloves are made to last.

Fight relentlessly and hit with all your power while looking stylish with our boxing gloves that come in black and gold options. If you want to make more of an impression, then opt for our gold gloves or if you like classic choices then our black boxing gloves are a suitable option for you.

Knock out all of your opponents and be the reigning champion with our boxing fighting gloves. Owing to superior design aesthetics and advanced manufacturing technology our gloves are deemed as mass weapons of mass destruction that will amplify your winning margin.

Our weighted boxing gloves are preferred by both professionals and novices who want premium-quality gloves at affordable rates. The impact resistance, moisture-wicking properties, and durability make our wholesale boxing gloves a popular option in the fighting community.



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