Fitness Boxing Gloves – Synthetic Leather – Burgundy

  • Size: 12oz to 20oz
  • High-quality synthetic leather gloves perfect for first-time boxing enthusiasts
  • Sweat absorption, high impact resistance, and long life span
  • Aesthetic appeal owing to contemporary design ideology
  • Maximum protection and security for the hand, wrist, and metacarpals
  • Curated, crafted, and designed in Pakistan

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Our fitness boxing gloves are made up of unbreakable material like your unbreakable will and spirit. Our gloves are exclusively designed to protect against all kinds of possible fighting injuries that you might encounter during combat or sparring. Our fitness gloves absorb the energy of any hard blow owing to their ultra-resilient properties. Moreover, they are made to last as they are manufactured using high-quality materials combined with superior craftsmanship, detailing and finishing.

The fighter can choose appropriate gloves according to his need. There are a myriad of fitness gloves ranging from 12oz to 20oz and the different weight gloves offer unique strengths and properties.

The undoubtable performance, durability, and unwavering strength are the champion combination for success. The gloves ensure perfect mobility of wrists and fingers required in accomplishing fighting techniques to amplify your chances of becoming the returning champion.

Our custom fitness gloves are manufactured using deluxe quality synthetic leather. Which ensures that our gloves are durable and long-lasting. The visual appeal of the boxing gloves is unmatched as not many dare to make a fashion statement by opting for burgundy gloves.

Owing to the ultra-advanced technology our glove offers optimum protection and are easy to clean and maintain. During prolonged training sessions the moisture-wicking qualities keep the fighters’ hands dry and prevent odor and keep the hands free from injury. Our wholesale fitness gloves are available at a very nominal rate that won’t make you break the bank. Moreover, it is a sustainable purchase that lasts a long time.


12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz, 20oz


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