Hand wraps – Orange

  • Length: 180 inches
  • Combination of maximum comfort and protection
  • Perfect contour that provides a custom fit for your hand, palm, and wrist 
  • Easy to wrap securely and store after the fight
  • Sweatproof allowing greater breathability
  • Ideal for both training and professional fights

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Boxing Shop USA hand wraps are durable, long-lasting, and offer elevated protection. They are optimally designed to be flexible, giving a secure and snug fit. The convergence of these factors creates a vital protective layer around the hand while lending necessary support to the wrist.

Hand wraps are 180 inches in length and fit the contour of your hand to give maximum protection and support. Owing to this, our boxing hand wraps are perfect for combat sports like MMA, Muay Thai, or kickboxing and for high-functioning workouts. Moreover, these are perfect for the recreational boxer who wants to let off some steam.

Improve your punching, striking, and combat game with our exclusively designed hand wraps for boxing gloves that help prevent injuries and fractures for knuckles and metacarpals.

The boxer doesn’t have to worry about high impacts during intense training as our hand wraps lend strength to the hand. Hand wraps for boxing help to maintain the alignment of joints while giving additional wrist support for strong blows and punches.

These boxing gloves wrap hands to offer an enhanced-thickness material that delivers high quality for our clientele.  Owing to the extra security offered by them, they are considered hand armors that you can wear under your regular boxing gloves.

Our hand wraps prevent odor as they have moisture-absorbing properties. This creates a no-hassle and more comfortable experience for the combatant. Our hand wraps are created with high-quality materials that ensure that they last a long time.

These hand wraps come in orange color which is perfect for fighters who want to do light bag work or strengthen their wrist and hand muscles. As the hand wraps are worn solo without any gloves covering them, their electrifying color will make a style statement.


180 inches


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