Hand Wraps – Skull

  • Length: 180 inches
  • Amplified protection during combat
  • Sold in a pair, they allow secure and custom fit
  • Essential support and strength to your hand, wrist, and knuckles
  • Prevents fractures and injuries of metacarpal bones
  • High-quality products promising durability and long life span 

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Fight your way to the top with exclusively designed hand wraps by Boxing Shop USA. These boxing hand wraps feature a striking skull design that elevates your style to match your aesthetics when you are in combat.

Our hand wraps for boxing gloves are made up of top-notch materials that don’t add much bulk to your gloves which makes for a comfortable experience when you are throwing punches, striking, or engaged in a high-functioning workout.

You get maximum value with our premium quality hand wraps for boxing that stands the test of time as their endurance and durability are unmatched. The support and protection offered by them are vital as they fit the contours of your hand.

Our boxing gloves hand wraps provide ideal comfort and protection to combatants. Hand, wrist, and knuckles are protected with 180° of wrist support while allowing mobility in all directions.

Featuring a hook & loop strap design with a strong thumb loop, our hand wraps stay secure and snug under your gloves or when you wrap them on their own. The hand wraps come in a length of 180 inches which is perfect for safely wrapping your fists.

These boxing gloves wrap hands are perfect for all kinds of combat sports or recreational boxing. Whatever your goal is, our hand wraps are sure to become your partner in sparring. Moreover, they are bound to last you a long time owing to the usage of high-quality materials, finishing, and craftsmanship.


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