Custom Boxing Trophies And Awards

The Boxing Shop USA now brings you the facility for making custom boxing awards for your athletes. Be it custom boxing trophies, medals, cups, or anything else, bring it on. We are here to assist you in the process of rewarding your players’ hard work in tangible forms of appreciation.

Get High-Quality Custom Boxing Trophies Made for Your Best Athletes

Custom Boxing trophies and prizes are undoubtedly the most exciting parts of the game. It is the time when years and years of sweat, struggle, practice, and hard work pay off. A player gets rewarded for all that he has been enduring for a long time in order to become a better boxer.

The Boxing Shop USA lets you create your own customized boxing trophy for your institution or training center at very reasonable prices. There is no restriction on the size or shape of the boxing trophy you want to get made. Choose your own measurements and we will be happy to create your desired trophies at the Boxing Shop USA.


Boxing Medals of All Sizes Available for Customization

If you have been looking for medals of a specific size or different sizes for various categories of boxers, then this is the perfect place for you to do that. The Boxing Shop USA helps you customize boxing medals in all sizes with your desired logos, text, or designs. All of this is made in high quality and that too in an economical price range.

Get Creative with Boxing Cups Designs

A lot of variety and creativity can be incorporated into the making of cups for awards. Get your creative juices flowing while you create the most exceptional designs for boxing cups to award to your high-performing students and practitioners.

Make it fun and unique at the same time with the Boxing Shop USA to get everyone eyeing the cup that you will end up creating. Make your institution stand out with an all in all different outlook for the awards you give out to your students.

Design Boxing Awards Exclusively for Your Boxing School

Do you want your boxing school to be perceived as the best one among all others in your vicinity?  One of the things that is going to help you achieve this goal is that you make your own boxing awards. At the Boxing Shop USA, you can create your institution’s customized boxing awards to give out to the best performers of your school. 

Get your logo, institution name, and anything else carved on the awards. You can also customize the size and shapes and other dimensions of the trophies, medals, and cups in the way you would like. The Boxing Shop USA will help you get your design on your awards and get them made in the most amazing and satisfying quality that you will ever get to experience. So delay no more, head to our website and get all creative with your boxing awards.


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