How do I know what size boxing gloves should I get?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. It depends on your body weight and your intended purpose for boxing gloves. In order to find out the perfect fit for you, go through this size guide before purchasing one. It will be really helpful to you in making the right decision.

What boxing gloves are best for beginners or people who are just starting out?

If you are new to the world of combat sports, it wouldn’t be a wise choice to invest so much money on a pair of boxing gloves. We recommend that you get these good quality yet economically priced gloves at Fight Gear Custom. As you go further in your journey of becoming a fighter, you can always upgrade to premium ones and even get custom boxing gloves made exclusively for you.

What size (oz) in boxing gloves should be used for training?

Generally, 14 to 16 (oz) gloves are suitable for you if your weight ranges from 150 to 180 pounds. However, you can check our boxing gloves size chart for a more comprehensive overview.

Being a beginner, what factors should I consider when buying boxing gloves?

First of all, you should decide what type of combat you are going to pursue and then find out the type of gloves you will be needing for that. Always get the right size and weight in gloves that offer your hands and wrists optimal protection and fit you snugly, neither too tight nor too loose.   

What three things should I look for in a pair of boxing gloves?

The top three things you should be looking for when buying a pair of boxing gloves are a comfortable fit, optimal protection, and longevity. The right pair of boxing gloves goes a long way. Always choose the ones that are particularly designed for your combat sport. Then compare and analyze the ones available in your budget.

What size boxing gloves are recommended for young people pursuing combat sports?

The youth boxing gloves are particularly made for young people. These gloves are typically lighter in weight than other boxing gloves. 10 oz is a good start for young boxing enthusiasts.

Are boxing gloves supposed to feel tight?

Your boxing gloves are supposed to fit your hand snugly, neither too tight nor too loose. When you clench or open your fists, the gloves should be allowing a full range of mobility. Also, when buying boxing gloves, keep in mind that you have to wear hand wraps under them so make the decision accordingly.

How are boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai gloves different from each other?

Since all of these combat sports are different from each other in terms of their techniques, each of them requires gloves particularly designed for optimal performance. The padding, material, and design are different for all of them according to the rules and techniques implemented in the game.
Boxing gloves are heavily padded for more shock absorption and wrist support. Muay Thai gloves are lighter in weight and padding since they are designed for grappling and clinching. MMA gloves have somewhat of a similar construction because mixed martial arts involve grappling as well.

How to choose between Velcro and lace-up closure?

If you are a beginner, we recommend going with Velcro since it is easier and requires no assistance. However, if you are a professional fighter, lace-up closure is better for you since it provides more wrist support.

Can I get my boxing gloves and gear customized?

Yes, we provide the best quality customization services on all of our boxing gear and apparel range.

Can I purchase bulk boxing gear at wholesale prices?

Yes, at Fight Gear Custom, you can find premium quality boxing gear that is available in bulk quantities for resellers and distributors at cost-effective prices.

How to clean my boxing gloves without damaging them?

There are plenty of ways you can clean your boxing gloves. The most common practice is the “freezer method” where you put them in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer overnight. Apart from that, you should clean them with antibacterial wipes, sprays, or liquids after every use and dry them from inside and outside using paper towels.

Can I put my gloves in the washing machine?

Never! Under any circumstances, it is not recommended to wash your gloves in the washing machine or even leave them soaked in water. It will completely destroy them.

How do I extend the longevity and durability of my boxing gloves?

The most important thing for boxing gloves is that they must be kept in a cool and dry place. Protect them from direct sunlight and heat as it can cause the leather to crack. Moisture can destroy your boxing gloves by causing bacterial growth in them resulting in a foul smell.
Do not leave them wet in your bag after a training session. Take them out and leave them to air dry as soon as you get done. We recommend filling your boxing gloves with crumpled paper or special inserts called “glove dogs” that absorb any moisture within them.

How durable are Fight Gear Custom’s boxing gloves?

We use only high-quality leather and best manufacturing practices to craft our boxing gloves. This makes our gloves a sustainable choice to invest in since they will last you for a good span of time in your fighting career before you need to buy another pair.

Is it easy to break into my new boxing gloves?

New gloves can be both easy and hard to break in sometimes depending on their materials. However, at Fight Gear Custom, we only use the best quality materials to make boxing gloves so they are easier to break into.